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Digi Retention Reward Program Software: #1 Global Influence. Total Simplicity.

With Powerful Automated Marketing Features, Digi Retention is the most complete and trusted reward software on the market.

Fresh Loyalty Dashboard & Screens

Incredible Digi Retention Features: The Proof Is In The Pudding

Digi Retention is loaded with powerful marketing features, each one with its own meaningful purpose. We listen to our clients and integrate their feature requests on a regular basis. Digi Retention is not only built by us, but also by our clients.

Complete Amazon Integration

Amazon Servers & Web Services

Digi Retention is 100% integrated with Amazon Servers & Web Services. Cloud-based Amazon EC2 instances provide the greatest server infrastructure on the market to meet the rigorous demands our clients request.

Fresh Loyalty Listens to Your Ideas

Custom Reward Programs

Do you have big ideas? Digi Retention creates custom reward programs tailored to your marketing needs. If you require custom tweaks & features, no worries. Our development team can develop even the most cumbersome requests!

6 Reward Program Types

6 Powerful Reward Program Types

Digi Retention services businesses around the world. Whether you’re a small business looking for a simple solution or a Fortune 500 company with deep & complex demands, Digi Retention has a solution!

100% Marketing Automation

Smart Automated Marketing

Smart Automated Marketing Features allow you to stay in constant contact with customers based on rules being reached or not reached. No other marketing software in the world matches our smart marketing features!

Multiple Ways to Add Customers

Multiple Ways Customers Can Join

Customers can become members via web sign-up forms, SMS shortcode, email kiosk forms, SMS kiosk forms, API or manual entry. You can add customers virtually any way imaginable.

Smart Member Profiles

Dynamic Member Profiles

Members Profiles bring business branding & power! Members can view their reward points, reward goals, available offers, set appointments, refer friends, earn bonus points & more.

Powerful Segmentation Features

Member Segmentation

Segmentation allows you to create custom laser targeted campaigns that broadcast to members that meet certain filtered criteria. Keep members happy by sending them offers & marketing material around their interests.

Dynamic Customer Surveys w/ Negative Feedback Notifications

Custom Surveys

Members take surveys all internet device, including mobile phones. Survey any category of your business, & ask any custom question type needed. Custom date filter responses, & respond to negative feedback with custom offers.

Most Flexible Rewards Software Available

Flexible Fresh Loyalty

Digi Retention provides flexible custom Digi Retention solutions. Our software is 100% dynamic and highly flexible. We are not a one fit cookie-cutter mold. We build custom reward programs around your business needs.

Just A Few of Our Loyalty Program Features. There Are Plenty More…

  • Strong API Key

  • POS Integration

  • Tablet App Kiosk Forms

  • Web Sign-up Forms

  • SMS Short Codes

  • Importing Contacts

  • Tablet App Transaction Posting

  • Web Transaction Posting

  • Import Transactions

  • 20+ Smart Automated Marketing Triggers

  • 140+ Email Templates

  • Import Email Templates

  • Dynamic Offers

  • Real-Time or Future Broadcasting

  • Complete Statistical Analysis

  • Location Stat Tracking

  • Export Any Data

  • Custom User Class Permissions

  • Interactive Customer Profiles

  • Automated Business Testimonials

  • Bonus Point Friend Referring

  • Appointment Scheduling & Reminders

  • Surveys via Email & SMS Text

  • Unlimited Contact Lists

  • Members View Transaction History

  • 100% Web Responsive Site

  • Phone/Email Support

Detailed Statistics: Dashboard Glance or Drill Deep

Our simple, yet powerful, data infrastructure allow you to receive statistics for virtually all marketing efforts. Simple yet powerful options allow you to receive a quick loyalty program snapshot or use custom settings to drill deep!

Complete Reward Program Statistics

Free Updates & Support: You Need It, We Gladly Provide It.

Our #1 priority is you, our client. We believe in our product and hold ourselves to the highest standards. We truly care about your loyalty program as much as you do, which is why we offer the best support around at our dedicated support centre. In addition, Digi Retention constantly offers free updates with new features requested by our clients. You can count on us.

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Fresh Loyalty Home Website
Lines of Custom Code & Counting
Support Threads Resolved
Hours of Development
Cups of Coffee
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Multiple Ways to Sign-Up Loyal Members

Traditionally, the business’s used paper & pen to sign up customers. Today, we use SMS Shortcodes, Web Sign-up Forms, Kiosk Forms, API or import contacts. Put the work in your members hands; there is no need for employees manually enter data.

Program Branding & Layout Options: Decision, Decisions, Decisions

Digi Retention has no limits! Your loyalty program can be custom branded in your business name, logo, colours, backgrounds, drop shadows etc. All emails, text messages, web forms, surveys, offers, etc. are 100% branded in your business name.

This is your custom loyalty program!

Custom Reward Program Branding
  • Unlimited Background Colors

  • Gradient Backgrounds

  • Drop Shadow Options

Custom Reward Program Branding
  • Library of Fade Backgrounds

  • Upload Custom Backgrounds

  • Use Any Logo For Branding

Custom Reward Program Branding
  • Library of Overlay Patterns

  • Solid Color Backgrounds

  • Change Menu & Link Colors

Our Surveys Drive Program Improvement

You must survey customers! Powerful custom survey features allow you to understand your members needs. Understand your member needs & ultimately you grow business! Take the guessing out of your business model, ask your valued members…

Ridiculously Easy To Get Started: Powerful Support

Many loyalty programs have a quick setup, but leave you dealing with all the work. Who wants to do that? We sure don’t. Digi Retention truly offers a quick, easy setup. Once you get started,  your account rep will brand your loyalty program with your website theme, colours & logos. We then offer suggested offers, rewards, & marketing material relevant to your business sector. You make any suggestions you want, and if your tech savvy, you can make custom marketing modifications!

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Fresh Loyalty Home Website

Member Profiles: Give Your Members What They Want.

Member Profiles let members track loyalty points, view reward goals, view available offers, update their profile, schedule appointments & contact your business. The profiles are custom branded with your business theme & colors, & keep your members in the loop. Member profiles are a must for a successful loyalty program!

Powerful Mobile & Web Friendly Profiles
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Marketing Automation: Automate Your Loyalty Program

Automated marketing capabilities are the backbone & most valuable features of Digi Retention reward software. Intelligently send marketing campaigns to members based on predefined rules, campaigns, and dynamic offers. We setup the entire process to give you peace of mind!

And So Much More….

Digi Retention has undergone over 5+ years of rigorous software development. We listen to our clients & only incorporate the most up-to-date technology. We wish we could share more, but our fingers are getting tired. Pick up the Phone or Contact Us via our contact buttons.

We guarantee you won’t regret your decision!

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